Health Score dashboard

Project Overview
We had never lost a client in 6 years, until it happened. I took the responsibility of building a customer success area from scratch; I had knowledge of what CS was, but I've never had the opportunity to apply it.
In doing this work, I realized the importance of measuring customers' health. Every company that has clients should do this.
My Contributions
Through research, I had some of the most important pain points of our clients. So, for me to be able to find those customers who were suffering the most, I needed a score based on "parameters of success". Then, I proceeded to build a dashboard to show this to the company.
I've done dashboards before, but for this particular task, I wanted to master the skill of data visualization. So I began researching on how to make an excellent dashboard design. I bought a book called "Information Dashboard Design" by Stephen Few to start my learning journey. The book blew my mind. For the first time, I realized that there were many reasons behind a good dashboard, and that my past designs had a lot of flaws. Soon after, I bought two more books on the same topic while I began my journey to make the best Health Score Dashboard that I could make.
Displaying data for at-a-glance monitoring
Jul 2022
Book collection for data visualization.
I also wanted this dashboard to be easy to maintain. In my experience, one of the problems I had with dashboards was the long time it demanded to update the data.
I used Mysql to make the queries that would feed my dashboard. When I finished my queries, I began to study ways to optimize them. In doing so, I optimized some queries by almost 90%. I figured out many ways to optimize a query. For example, I discovered that, in some cases, using a left join versus a join could make a huge difference. Also, limiting the query results when necessary helped a lot in the performance.
Then, with a colleague's help, we managed to store this data in a Google Sheet using Appscript. This way, I could access data from every client and keep it in a sheet with just one click. It was a very cheap way of making this happen.
Getting de data
MySQL + Appscript
Jul 2022
Tools used to create a dashboard
For the visualization, I began understanding the limits of the tools that Data Studio and Power Bi had to offer for the goal that I had in my mind.  I learned a lot using both tools, and I did two versions of the dashboard. Each of them had an advantage over the other, but both resolved the end goal efficiently.
Using this tool, I contacted the customers with the lowest scores and managed to help them improve it. In  6 months, I increased the overall score by more than 25%, and managed to save customers from churn.

This dashboard also helped us understand what customers with the best scores valued the most from our product.
Data Studio + Power BI
Jul 2022
Customer success health score dashboard.
Customer success power bi dashboard.

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