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rFlex.io was born in 2015 as a nurse scheduling web app to help nurse managers handle their staff's shifts and working hours. rFlex is a SaaS b2b software, and our clients were hospitals that use our software so HR departments can have an easy payroll process for their staff.
Project Overview
We needed to build an app in record time. The reason behind this project was that there was a very critical stakeholder wanting this. And also, it was an excellent opportunity for us to transition into an App.
My contribution
I led the project from ideation to launch, managing the client's expectations while aligning my team with the project. Also, I minimized the risks involved so we could finish the project in the time that was required.
Why build an App?
Mar 2019 
It was early 2019. I finished the onboarding of a huge private hospital in our country. It was our most important client at the time. The project finished very well, our users were happy, and the HR department had an excellent experience during the six months project.

After the project ended, I met a doctor manager, a very influential stakeholder in the hospital and our country. He was looking for a doctor scheduling App to manage the shift schedule for the more than 200+ doctors he was in charge of. He already had an alternative, but I somehow managed to convince him that we could deliver a similar App to handle his demands, and the reward would be better than his alternative.
The customer: One of the biggest private hospitals in Chile.
Building our first App
Apr 2019 - May 2019
First, I had to convince my team to begin the discovery phase, only some people agreed to take on this project. We somehow knew we would transition to an App in the future, but why now?

I convinced them by showing evidence of the user needs, and revenue potential. Also, this project would reward not only doctors, but all other healthcare staff members that already had their accounts. Another factor was that we could let a competitor into our niche market by not taking this project.

After convincing my team, I began the product discovery phase with my UX/UI designer. We looked for similar Apps to handle doctor requirements, so we could understand what they wanted and look for best practices. Then we began doing user research by interviewing doctors so I could build a roadmap that focused on prioritizing the launch of the features to maximize the value for them as soon as possible.

Then we began to make the design and test our first prototypes, while our lead developer was building the tech stack we would use. I created a roadmap to guide the team into what features we would launch first. Each week for three months, I went to the doctor's office to show progress.
Finishing the project
Jun 2019 - Ago 2019
After weeks of back and forth between the office and the hospital, we had our first App; for the first time in our history, you could get rFlex from the AppStore and Google Play. But we needed more. We needed to succeed in making our users happy so they could perceive the value of using it. To do so, I went daily to the hospital to manage usability, feasibility risks, and bug solving.

We finally made the last improvements, ensured our users were satisfied, and closed the project for that client. Now we had an app for doctors and nurses, which improved our value proposition.

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