Joaquín Sepúlveda
Product Manager

I build products that people love.

I'm a data-driven product manager with six years of experience based in Santiago, Chile. I focus on outcomes that matter to the business, always taking into account the voice of the customer.

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My experience

I've worked in a healthcare workforce management B2B startup since its early stages. As one of the team's first members, I had to put a lot of "hats" on before I found my career path. I learned about different job positions until I found my passion in product management.
As the business grew from 1 to 60 enterprise clients, I had to learn to prioritize what ideas to execute, and most importantly, when and how to say "no".
Customer Support Analyst
Dec 2016 — Dec 2017
Chief Customer Officer
Jan 2018 — Dec 2018
Product Manager
Jan 2019 — Dic 2022
Board Member
Jan 2020 — Dec 2022

My work

Mobile App Project
Teaming up with developers and our lead designer, my team and I delivered a shift management App in record time.
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Handling stakeholders
How I handled customer and stakeholder requirements while keeping the backlog with essential features for the business.
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Roadmap and strategy
My approach to developing a product strategy for the company's growth over six years.
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Customer healthscore dashboard
A tool to perceive each client's health score. Using this dashboard, the company increased the average health score by 30% in 5 months.
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